12/01/15 Brooklyn, NY // Union Hall // 10:15pm
12/10/15 Bloomington, IN // Comedy Attic // 8:00pm
12/11/15 Bloomington, IN // Comedy Attic // 8:00pm
12/11/15 Bloomington, IN // Comedy Attic // 10:30pm
12/12/15 Bloomington, IN // Comedy Attic // 8:00pm
12/12/15 Bloomington, IN // Comedy Attic // 10:30pm
01/14/16 Chicago, IL // The Hideout // 7:00pm
Tour: American Babe
02/01/16 London // Soho Theatre // 7:30pm
02/02/16 London // Soho Theatre // 7:30pm
02/03/16 London // Soho Theatre // 7:30pm
02/04/16 London // Soho Theatre // 7:30pm
02/05/16 London // Soho Theatre // 7:30pm
02/06/16 London // Soho Theatre // 7:30pm
02/07/16 Manchester // Tiger Lounge // 7:00pm
02/14/16 Amsterdam // Theater Toomler // 8:00pm

Nick Thune, comedian / actor, hails from the Great Northwest (Seattle), where he spent his early years growing up. Nick's absurdest view and deadpan wit combined with the soothing lull of his guitar, have distinguished his unique style of comedy. He has appeared on the Tonight Show 8 times, and on each occasion, he won. Nick has also appeared on Conan, The Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon and has his own Comedy Central Special.

For more info visit his Wikipedia page or IMDb.
Follow me on my journey to recovery from a broken arm in this documentary, Disarmed.
Nick's Big Talk Show is a live show hosted by me at the UCB Theatre in LA. I host a variety of different guests while performing bits, segments and playing videos in a loosly scripted comedy talk show format. For more Nick's Big Talk Show click...


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